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Acerca de

          ONOKO™ is a chameleonic creation platform currently focused on releasing music as a broke ass interdependent record label or smt. Simply put, it's an aspiring record label with broader dreams and no money to play with (yet). By interdependent we mean that we are open to collaborations that benefit both the independent and dependent aspects of the projects involved.

          Nomadically spirited, we make studios out of hotel rooms and pillow forts, comp vocals on long flights and shoot video on smartphones and hundred dollar cameras from eons ago. Occasionally we're blessed with higher standards and top-notch collaborations, but nothing stops the art. These last few years have been spent mostly between Sweden and Portugal, but also UK, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, Croatia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Montenegro and São Tomé. Our deepest commitment is to the art, not necessarily the artist. By doing so, we are actually looking out for the latter because people connect much more intimately with the art than with its creator or performer.


          So that's it! We might be forever discovering what Onoko really is as it shifts and shapes and reinvents itself into whatever it's meant to become. For now, this is it: we are summoning music and imagery and channeling the art we enjoy co-creating. Hopefully others will resonate.

Francisco Faria

- Founder

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